Fine pair of English 3 pounder bronze cannon.

Fine pair of English 3 pounder bronze cannon.

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An extremely fine pair of English 3-pounder bronze cannon cast at The Royal Woolwich Brass Foundry, London, by I.H. King. 

These rare guns are two of only a handful of 3 pdr guns that were cast during the short months when Francis Rawdon Hasting, 2nd Earl of Moira, held the office of Master of the Ordnance, 1806-1807.  The Royal Armouries at the Tower of London, hold two similar guns from the same period (5 guns later) see H.L. Blackmore’s book “The Armouries of the Tower of London” page 84.

Original documents from 1807 located at The National Archives, London, and listed in the Order Book from The Board of Ordinance to the Royal Woolwich Brass Foundry, show that the cannon were commissioned either (as per entry on 12th January 1807) for The Royal Artillery (Field Train at Woolwich) -present at the Battle of Waterloo or (as per entry 11th June 1807) for the King’s German Legion – Hanovarian Regiment –using 3 pdrs at the Battle of Waterloo.  3 pdr guns were also used as light artillery in the Peninsula War (in which The Duke of Wellington took part).

The guns are engraved with the monogram of George III and the cypher of Francis, 2nd Earl of Moira, Master General of the Ordnance, 1806-7.
Originally mounted on a field carriage for battle, together with a limber and other accoutrements, the gun was later remounted on a naval ship’s carriage made of carved teak showing a crest containing bees, pole-arms and a yacht as they were purchased by Robert Ashton for his yacht, Minerva.  These canon are mentioned in the book “Wellington” by Jane Wellesley.   

Barrel length 52in
Carriage L: 32in x W: 22in
Base L:40in x W:29in x H: 24in